2012 Beardall Family Vacation

May 20th, 2012
2012 Beardall Family Vacation
This year for the annual family vacation we went to Pine Lake which is near Bryce Canyon. This vacation was bigger than last year's because there were more people. In one years worth of time another child was added and this time Stacy and her children stayed.

The total head count for the vacation was my parents and five more adults. With the nieces being a total of five. The total number of people on the vacation was twelve and hence there was a lot of work to do.

On top of the total people there were the toys. The toys included two four wheelers, two motorcycles, and I took my two bikes. Also Amber brought her bikes and so did Stacy.

The activities included: visiting Bryce Canyon, fishing, four wheeling, motorcycle riding, mountain biking, and sitting around a campfire. My nieces loved going for rides on the four wheeler. The four wheeler couldn't even the running without all of the nieces running over and wanting to go on a ride. It was cute to see them always playing with each other and being friends. Now I did almost freeze Bethany to death because she begged and wanted to go for a wheeler ride after the cold front came through on May 18th. I thought that they might be warm enough with coats but I was wrong. When the front came through the temperature dropped from about 70 degrees to 46 degrees with a strong north wind. Even though the children had coats on their insulation was not sufficient and so I had to give Bethany my jacket to help get her back to camp. However the cold front was not sufficent reason to stop me from going on a bike ride.

This entry would not be complete without a follow up from last years vacation. Last year a new truck had been purchased and what a relief that was. The truck that did the pulling of the fifth wheel was a Chevrolet Silverado LTZ 3500 with the eight foot bed, and with the Duramax 6.6 engine. The truck pulled the trailer a lot better and got better fuel economy. The old gas engine can't even really compete with the diesel engine when it comes to pulling.

Even though the truck didn't have any problems does not mean that there were a lack of issues. As we were driving down the freeway I noticed that something was flapping on the roof of the trailer. So I radioed my dad and told him to pull over. We discovered that the flapping was due to the rubber roof of the trailer that had pulled back from underneith the termination bar. So we tried to keep the roof down with wood blocks and a tie down. The tie down was not sufficient to keep the wood blocks down and so we ended up going to Nephi and having the trailer place do a temporary fix by adding another termination bar to keep the roof from peeling back.

Without further ado the pictures are here for viewing.

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Teet Mountain

May 9th, 2012
Teet Mountain

So I went on a ride up to the top of Teet Mountain. The mountain is located up Spanish Fork Canyon about 15 miles. the route that I chose to take is by riding up Long Hollow and taking the black diamond trail up to the top. The trail up Long Hollow is fairly technical to ride for a mountain bike because of the grade. Often times the grade is exceeding 20% and then there is loose rock. The most technical part of Long Hollow is the very last climb through a bunch of switch backs which are very rocky and very steep. Once on top of of the hill the trail gradually decends toward Diamand Fork. Before reaching Diamond Fork there is a trail to the right which is rated as a black diamond. The trail doesn't start off as a black diamond but quickly goes into a bunch of loose rock and steep grades which makes the trail a double black diamond.

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May 6th, 2012

Well I have finally done it! I graduated with a Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Utah State University. After eight years of school I obtained a degree that can finally get me to where I want to career wise. Now I have to get a job and the most likely place is Hill Air Force Base.

For a little period though I have had to move back to my parents place. The arrangement is not entirely what I wanted but the situation will work out. After interviewing for the second time at ICON I have been wondering if they are going to give me an offer. To me it seems like HAFB will give me an official offer before ICON and so I'll end up working in Ogden.

One of the important things is how good the mountain biking is. I interviewed for Micron back in March and I think that Micron would be an excellent place to work but I wasn't really satisfied with their mountain biking options. ICON is located in Logan and so I am satisfied with their mountain biking options. Now it seems that I'll most likely end up in Ogden and their options are good but not as good as Logan's.

The first who give me an official offer is the one that I will accept. It would be nice if ICON made an offer first because I would be closer to Kristie.


January 1st, 2012

The first day of 2012 and what an intersting year 2011 was. To start off on some of the things that happened. I got put on academic probation in graduate school. Then I got fired from my research position. After I got fired from the research position I took a month to think about what I was going to do and I decided that I would finish the Masters degree and instead of getting a Masters of Science I would switch to a Masters of Engineering. In doing so I had a guaranteed completion date but I would no longer have a job. I took out loans to finish my last year of schooling so that I would complete. Then with some of the money I bought a new bicycle, a bicycle that I had sort of been wishing I could have since I ride so much. Then I rode that bicycle over a thousand miles in the fall semester while I still got a 4.0. So the last semester was relatively successful.

I can not leave without talking about how my illnesses I got in November and December. In November I got a rather nasty cold and so that slowed me down for a couple of days. I bounced back fairly quickly though. Then in December on the first Saturday I was feeling a little off from my usual self. After I got back from my bicycle ride I was getting the chills and I was really confused for such a minor cough. I though I was getting another cold but two colds in such short succession is extremely unusual. So each day I wasn't feeling up to going on a bicycle ride and was just getting wore down and then my tonsils got really sore and my lymph nodes became really swollen. Finally after eight days I went to the instacare because I could barely drink any water and eating just wasn't going to happen. I had already started Amoxicillin for strep throat but that came back negative. I found out that I had mono and so I took a drug called prednisone for a week which shrunk my tonsils down and made them not so sore. I took the drug for eight days. I was feeling better though after seven days and so I started to ride again. After I was done with the prescription I got the really bad stomach bug that had been going around and that knocked me out for a day. I mean walking was exhausting the day after the night that I puked my guts out. I got sick with the stomach bug on a Wednesday evening and it hit fast.

So there you have it a quick sumary of Brian's year of 2011. 2012 promises to be even more exciting with everything. I'll be graduating, finding a full time job, moving, and who knows what else.

Internet Quality

June 29th, 2011

Currently in the market for getting Internet service there are five options namely: Wireless, Satellite, Cable, DSL, and Fiber. For the majority of the users there are two main options which are chosen and those are DSL, and Cable. With cable higher speeds are often offered but the speed are never guaranteed. DSL tends to be offered at lower speeds but with the speeds being more consistent for what is payed for. For example paying for a 20Mbps line in cable will most likely not get a 20Mbps connection on many of the websites. Now with DSL line speeds if you pay for a 1.5Mbps you should nearly always get that speed. I myself pay for a 5Mbps line and I always get that speed. If I had a choice between a 40Mbps DSL line and a 40Mbps cable line I'd always get the DSL line. The reason are the fact that if the Internet is down due to a phone line issue it is often but not always just one person's line. With cable if the line stops working then the whole neighborhood is down.

Now with any Internet provider the service is always oversold at the trunk. The reason that the Internet is always oversold is that the cost of data on the main trunks. The main trunks are often fiber and those lines cost much more than the cable or dsl lines. In order to earn a profit the line is oversold. Now the key is to oversale at just the right rate such that the line doesn't appear to be slow to the clients.

With cable the cable lines themselves are oversold too and if someone is doing P2P traffic then the whole line is slow. With DSL it is just my line that is slow if I choose to do P2P.

In the end quality is really up to you. With DSL I'm able to get static IP's for much less than I'd be able to on cable and also I always get the speed that I've payed for. One the reasons that I don't like cable as much is that I never know what speed I'm going to get.