Cycling Collage

December 23rd, 2010
Cycling Collage

I have put together a video and a bunch of pictures for my mountain biking adventures during the last part of summer and through October. One of the rides has low quality pictures because of user error. I had accidentally set the camera to take low resolution pictures. Unfortunately the pictures were taken on a trail that was snowed in a week later and hence was not ridable. I had to go on the particular ride before the trails got snowed in for the season. The only thing is that the ride is fairly difficult to do. I can't forget the video that is included too. The video is about me doing the last trail in the, "Mountain Biking Cache Trails," book. I have ridden all of the trails plus the one trail that I rode in October which isn't included in the book. But it is all about the creation of the trip now. An interesting fact that I learned a couple months after the ride to Peter sinks is that the location has the coldest recorded temperature in Utah. I believe that it also has the coldest recorded temperature in the lower 48 states.

Here are the pictures that I promised.

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E-mail! E-mail! E-mail!

December 23rd, 2010

Yesterday I worked on the email server that I have. As a prerequisite to understanding email and email server management an understanding of how much time it takes to do anything with an email server is "LARGE". So I was thinking to myself that I should work on the spam filter so that it could be detecting Ham and Spam according to the user account. In my head I was thinking that the change wouldn't take too long which is an error thinking according to the second sentence. So I proceeded and I had to read up on how to get spamassassin to start detecting according to the user. My first attempt I read a little article on the old Gentoo wiki archive website and attempted to implement. My first failure because the bayes algorithm didn't load. So then I had to keep reading documentation and after about an hour of doing more poking around in the documentation I learned that I actually needed to get a file to setup the database tables. So I looked for the particular file on my computer with no luck. I then searched the Internet and found the file at the repositories for Apache. I then run the SQL script to create the tables. Now I started up spamassassin and the result was good except now spamassassin didn't know what user account each email belonged to. Spamassassin was sending all of the emails to be learned to the "mail" account which is not how I wanted that to work.

The most frusting part of the whole email changes includes creating the regexp for getting the user account. To get the email account information I needed to do a search and find just the username which was embedded in a bunch of directory stuff. I got the regexp to work and find just what I wanted on the command line and I thought to myself, "victory!" I couldn't have been so wrong because as soon as I attempted to put the regexp into the script, "failure!" Now I spent two hours poking around trying to get the regexp to work inside the script. I finally did succeed without learning a lot of bashisms. Well I was able to get the changes into the two scripts that run each night to learn Spam that is in the Spam folder and learn Ham that is in the Ham folder. When I was making the changes to the two scripts to learn Spam and Ham I noticed that they hadn't been learning new Ham and Spam for the past three or four years. The scripts were written back when the server was setup for Qmail and then after a couple of years I decided to move to Courier as the email server. Courier changed the folder which the email was located in and I had missed that particular change when I had to make the other changes to the scripts. Now the Ham and Spam scripts correctly read the Ham and Spam folders which is nice. I then had to modify the maildroprc file to make the incoming email to learn correctly according to the user account. Maildrop, I feel is not documented in the clearest fashion available. I spent two hours trying to figure out what the predefined variables were and what their assignment was. I figured out their assignment and essentially implemented the same filter that I used in the scripts. Now Spam and Ham were being learned correctly and getting inserted into the database.

I was still left with the web email clients not working correctly. I had Horde installed but I figured that I would install a second client called Squirrelmail. The logic is that if one breaks the other will still be working. I was able to get Squirrelmail installed fairly easily and setup. I then needed to modify my website for the changes to the email options. Making the website changes took me a little bit because I didn't completely remember how to do the tables. I coded the website myself but I had forgotten how the XML was setup. I also wanted stylesheets so that I could do fancy things with my tables. After I got that to work with the website I went and turned off the PHP warnings and that fixed both Horde and Squirrelmail. Now there is a choice and the email filtering is working correctly.

With the Ham and Spam scripts working I won't be getting the busty babes in my email box. I won't be missing them at all, shucks. I really don't like Spam anyway because it adds so much noise to the email box. No more online diplomas or bank transfers too.

My Mountain!

December 23rd, 2010

So today while I was putting together the mountain biking entry I was reminiscing about all of my bike rides during the summer. I have literally traveled all over the Bear River Mountain range is one thing that I realized. A more important thought that occured to me was that I really enjoyed going on all of the bike rides. I've also enjoyed my time out in the hills away from civilization and being by myself. To me mountain biking and being in the mountains is more than just a bike ride, but is also a time to reflect and think. I think about life and situations that I might be in that I don't want to be in. I think about engineering problems too even though I usually don't reach a solution out there. I also learn to have really good balance too.

Tonight I went on a bike ride up Logan Canyon on the River Trail. While I was on the trail I was thinking how I got to have such good balance. What caused me to think that thought is that I was in the snow and the bicycle was barely moving while I tried to get through a section of packed ice, snow, and slush. While my bike tire is spinning and I'm barely moving I didn't fall down. Later on the trail I was going up steeper and more difficult terrain and I still wasn't falling down but my bicycle tire was spinning much faster than I was moving and the front tire kept shifting in the snow. It times like that that I enjoy while I'm out. Just like in September when I was on a ride and I passed a rattle snake on the side of the trail.

Moutain biking I find keeps me connected to the earth and not floating away in the stratosphere. I know that might not sound like a problem but for me it is. In short I sort of have a relationship with the mountains in Logan. The moutains seem to give me more than I give them. Last I checked I only wear down the trails which cause erosion. Perhaps I shouldn't have a relationship with the moutains near Logan.

If I didn't ride so much I wouldn't have to spend so much on the bicycle. I've literally worn out nearly every part on the bike. I could have bought a lot of computer parts for as much as I spend on the bicycle. I could have also bought a diamond ring!


November 24th, 2010

Well I finished my first semester as a graduate student at USU in Electrical Engineering. I didn't do as good as I would have like to have done but better than I have done on average in the program. On average I've usually gotten slightly above a 3.00 GPA in the program even though I finished my BS degree with a 3.19 GPA over all. So for my first semester I got a 3.55 GPA and that didn't even budge my overall institute GPA. After one semester I still have a 3.19 GPA for the institute.

One complaint I do have about my professors doing the grades is that I had one professor take forever to submit the grade. I had to wait until Christmas Eve to get the grade. In addition to taking longer to submit the grade I also don't know what I got on the final exam or the research paper that I had to write.

A Mormon Message

October 16th, 2010

So I watch the Mormon messages that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints releases and I just thought that this particular one had such a cute girl in it. Every time I look at it I think to myself, "who's ever that child is they are very blessed." So without any further ado here is the video.

See, isn't she cute!