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January 19th, 2010

Well the frontend to this website is nearing completion. I went and basically finished adding the XML tags. Tables are done and so are order lists and linked lists. After those I went and added the strong tag and the header tags. The style tags are working great too! So for as far as doing the art of the page and added posts by entering the XML is done. I like the site and one of the reasons is that the site is modular. I can easily change the look and still keep all of the same functionality. So I will eventually get the site to the point where comments and be added to each of the entries.

Exercise Makes You Smarter

January 19th, 2010

So exercise in my experience improve academic performance. There have been so many studies on how exercise improve cognative function and spatial reasoning that I have no hope at including all of them or really even a small percentage of articles in the entry. For one I don't have enough time to do all of the research right now and two the articles are so full of information that I like to read them and just sit and think about how they relate to me.

Exercise helps increase the number of new neurons that are generated[1]. However in the study by Praag et al not all forms of exercise lead to an increase of neurons. There is much more to just generation of a neuron but also the proliferation and the survival of a new neuron. Running in the mice actually help to produce the most number of new neurons but close to half of them died[1]. Now with the mice that had an enriched environment didn't generate as many new neurons but about 85% survived[1]. So I'd like to propose that if enriched environment and a form of exercise that greatly increases new neuron generation such as running were to be combined then an individual might be smarter.

Now exercise is more than just an improvement on the generation of new neurons but also the retention of the neurons that are already there. The study by Grondard et al[2] supports that the mice were running had longer neuron life. The study was based on how to treat a neurological disease in the human population called Type 2 Spinal Muscular Atrophy. One of the leading ways to help the patients is to prevent the onset of complications[2]. By preventing the onset of complications the life expectancy is significantly increased. In the mice the life was increased from about thirteen days to twenty-one days[2]. A relationship to humans has also been drawn with an increase of life. Now part of the results of the first study about neural cell generation may also be partially attributed to the extended life of the already living cells.

A direct study of humans is warranted on the performance of those who exercise and those who are seditary. In Fitness Effects on the Cognitive Function of Older Adults it is noted that not only do younger adults perform cognitive[3]. It must be pointed out that the performance increase is not black and white. Like the mice experiments not all exercises may result in better cognitive skills.

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  1. Running increases cell proliferation and neurogenesis in the adult mouse dentate gyrus
  2. Regular Exercise Prolongs Survival in a Type 2 Spinal Muscular Atrophy Model Mouse
  3. Fitness Effects on the Cognitive Function of Older Adults


January 17th, 2010

I am studying Electrical Engineering at Utah State University and have been asked why I didn't go to BYU for school many times. People have said that I am smart but I have evidence that states how smart I really am which is what has generated the question of why I didn't go to BYU. So I am going to try it out and am willing to go out on a limb. I am going to apply to BYU so that I have a good reason why I never went to BYU. The reasons why I won't go to BYU are:

  1. Low grades
  2. low GRE score
  3. From Utah
  4. Not smart enough

Now BYU is a great school but so is USU and so is the University of Utah. I had a friend that got his MS in Electrical Engineering from BYU and he is now working and enjoying life having completed school.

GPA from USU is: 3.10
GPA from transfer credit from UVSC: 3.59
GPA cummulative: 3.34
Total transfer credits: 101
Total USU credits: 88
Total credits: 189
Expected total graduating credits: 202

I have so many credits that I could fail a class and I'd still have a 3.34 GPA. Basically my GPA isn't going to budge from what it is. I have failed a couple of classes in the past too which doesn't look good on a transcript.

I've been told that it makes my family happy that I am going to school and getting a decent degree which I can have a good career. Well I really wonder what is the worth of praise from the family? I value my education and I hope that I can get a good job after school. But my grades concern me for even getting a good job. My roommate said that I am in a high demand field and so I shouldn't have a problem getting a job but I have my doubts. I really won't know for sure where all of this schooling will take me for several years. For now I'd like to work on a MS in Electrical Engineering but I am doubting myself in being accepted to any school.

I do like my professors here at Utah State University. I have a desk with the grad students that I don't take nearly enough advantage of which I must thank Dr. Edmund Spencer for. My computer on campus is a Sunblade 1000 with an UltraSparc III microprocessor. I think that it is cool but I have a habit of doing all of my studying and homework on my own. My grades are entirely my own effort because of that. If I did need help I went to the professor and didn't do a homework or study group.

The Site Changes

January 16th, 2010

So I was so excited about this website that I decided to make some serious changes to it. My eyeballs sure like the new look and I think that others will like the new improved look. I've also added some new elements to the xml backend along with a general stylesheet parser.

  1. New background
  2. Opacity on the two side bars
  3. Increased visual space in the center island
  4. Generalized style sheet in XML
  5. Ordered lists
  6. Unorder lists

Winter Rides

January 13th, 2010
Winter Rides

Winter rides are cold, but enjoyable. The snow packs down to be about as hard as pavement when people walk on it. This also happens if snowmobiles are traveling on the snow a lot and the snow doesn't stay too cold. Sublimation occurs if the air is too cold and makes it so that the snow won't pack down very well. Just a few pictures from the winter rides.

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