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December 21st, 2009

Well I finished the semester and have just one more to go! So I suppose that I should take the GRE now so that I can apply and get into some graduate program.

So it was a long break from doing anything on this site. I believe that I have it fixed now so that it will work with IE, and a whole host of other browsers except for IE6 and lower. So the problem ended up being a problem with the encoding of the xml data format. I needed to set it to UTF-8.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Quote Wall

December 21st, 2009

"Vmooo I'm not Jeeves." -- Brandon

"Can you imagine if we were all bald? That would just look weird." --Brandon

"Steve, I will give you $10 if ...." --Brian B.

"Steve, I'm upping the anty... I'll pay you $30 if you get a girlfriend." --Brian B.

"That is so cool to start your battle with with them having a disadvantage!" --Brandon

November 14th is not Groundhog Day!

"I thought you were going to casino royale me." --Brian Scruggs

"Did you go stargazing?" --Various

"Rylee has a worm what's up with that?" --Brian B.

"Star Trek is like drinking water." --Brian B.

monomanual gesticulation --Steve

Steve: "Brandon, I need some advice."
Brandon: "Yes, you should marry her."
[Brian S. walks in the door 20 minutes later]
Steve: "Brian, I need some advice."
Brian: "Yes, you should marry her."

"December 5th isn't Groundhog Day either." --Steve

"Quit fogging up the windshield, Scruggs!" --Steve

"Cafartsis" --Steve

"Steve, if you shaved all your hair and stood on it, we would be the same height!" --Brian Scruggs

... Or January 24th

Steve: When I say Layton, I mean Ogden.
Brian S: Uhh...
Steve: Right. Apply that to the sentence I just said.

I got 88% o the test. But in my mind, I got a 92%. --Brandon

It doesn't matter how good it tastes. You shouldn't drink your own pee. --Brian B.


August 23rd, 2009

This video is such an excellent expression of what women really are. They are compassionate and lovely. I feel that anyone who takes advantage of a women is in grave danger of their soul. We should love them and cherish them and treat them with chivalry. Opening the door is being gentleman like.

One of the ways that I feel we can take advantage of a woman is watching porn. Not only is your own soul in danger, but all too often the viewer is facilitating human trafficking. The issue goes beyond that to that they have had their soul injured too.

President Gordon B. Hinckley was such an amazing man and I'm sure his wife felt special to be with him. If only we could be half the man he was.