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Category: "Announcements"

Cactus Hugger ICUP race

April 7th, 2013
Cactus Hugger ICUP race

Me and Kristie had a great time at the Cactus Hugger race that was held in St. George, UT. The sports class race was 12 miles long with each lap being six miles. I had a time of about 1:05:25 according to the GPS and an unofficial time of about 1:15. Kristie did good with a time of about 1:55 which was a pretty good time for the womens sports class. During the race many people got pinch flats by running tire pressures too low. Many of the fastest riders got a DNF due to low tire pressures and rough rocks. I however chose to run a bit higher pressure in my tire and kept the shocks in the best pressures and dampener air pressures. I did try out the new Chain-L lube that I ordered a week ago. The Chain-L lube was much better than the Dumonde Tech. During the race I lost my water bottle that was full of my energy drink which I call honey-milk. Kristie calls the drink honey-butter. After the race and the awards ceremony we turned on the heat for the griddle and cooked some marinated chicken breasts. The chicken breasts were used in some nice sandwiches. We also ate a pasta salad with the chicken sandwiches. Now I did discover that the asthma was still not under control because as soon as I started I got an attack. 

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Switch to blog

March 31st, 2013

In an effort to write more I am moving to a blog format that has a lot more power than my custom solution.

The Great Western Trail

May 20th, 2012
The Great Western Trail

The Great Western Trail is supposed to be a trail that runs from Canada to Mexico through Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. I rode the a short section of the trail from Pine Lake near Tropic, UT to 10.6 miles north on the trail. The trail was not just a single track trail that was marked on the map but rather followed old roads and ATV trails that have been shutdown. Some of the trail was even on a cow path. Part of the trail took me a moment to find when I went through the gate in the picture. I though for a moment that I had lost the trail and that I would have to turn around earlier. Much of the trail is not really being used enough to keep it open and preventing over growth of the bushes on the trail. I was able to take a picture of an old homestead house towards the end of the trail trail that I rode on forest road 133.

The techinal aspect of the trail is that the majority of the ride was rated at a blue. There was one short section of trail that was steep and I had to walk the bike up which was also very difficult to ride down. The short section was rated as a triple black diamond. The other side of the hill that had to be walked up was difficult to ride up for only a short section but was doable. All other sections or which amounted to about 9 out of 10 miles being moderate but bumpy.

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Welcome Internet Explorer Users!

December 1st, 2009

I did it! I have made the site about 90% compatible with Internet Explorer. There are still some visual problems with site but not too bad. One of the things I'm disappointed that isn't working is opacity. I've read the tech documents to make it work and yet it isn't working for Internet Explorer. Opacity works for all other browsers that are CSS3 compliant on the style.opacity tag.

There are some browsers out there that don't properly support opaque for flash and so that is a problem for Opera and some browsers that are based off of the Webkit engine. Firefox and IE both appear to properly support the param opaque for flash videos.

Happy surfing!