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A Mormon Message

October 16th, 2010

So I watch the Mormon messages that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints releases and I just thought that this particular one had such a cute girl in it. Every time I look at it I think to myself, "who's ever that child is they are very blessed." So without any further ado here is the video.

See, isn't she cute!


June 2nd, 2010

Back in November 2001 - November 2003 I went on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I took a bunch of pictures and I wanted a way to remember the mission. So what I did is I created a slide show with video and a sound track. I tried to put down everything that I could remember and yet keep it somewhat organized. The video isn't perfect for example the pictures look like that are narrower than they should be. That effect is real and the issue has to do with DVD video. DVD video is 720x480 which is not a 4:3 resolution. DVD video is always 720x480 regardless of whether the video is widescreen or fullscreen. So when I resized the pictures I didn't realize that I needed to resize them to a 720x480 size which doesn't maintain aspect ratio. But the video is good enough. I know of other flaws and they are just going to have to stay there.

I served in the Philippines San Pablo mission. My mission presidents were President Johnson, and President Osmond. I really enjoyed the mission and would like to go back there someday.

The video is about 55 minutes long but contains almost every picture I took while out in the mission in chronological order.

Religious Studies

December 23rd, 2009

I found this interesting book that was written in 1823 - 1825 and talks about the indians being related to the Israelites in Judea. View of the Hebrews

I've read a little bit in the book and seems like an interesting narrative or history. The book seems to read like a speculative history.

Christmas Message

December 21st, 2009

A short message on the true meaning of Christmas.


August 23rd, 2009

This video is such an excellent expression of what women really are. They are compassionate and lovely. I feel that anyone who takes advantage of a women is in grave danger of their soul. We should love them and cherish them and treat them with chivalry. Opening the door is being gentleman like.

One of the ways that I feel we can take advantage of a woman is watching porn. Not only is your own soul in danger, but all too often the viewer is facilitating human trafficking. The issue goes beyond that to that they have had their soul injured too.

President Gordon B. Hinckley was such an amazing man and I'm sure his wife felt special to be with him. If only we could be half the man he was.