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May 6th, 2012

Well I have finally done it! I graduated with a Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Utah State University. After eight years of school I obtained a degree that can finally get me to where I want to career wise. Now I have to get a job and the most likely place is Hill Air Force Base.

For a little period though I have had to move back to my parents place. The arrangement is not entirely what I wanted but the situation will work out. After interviewing for the second time at ICON I have been wondering if they are going to give me an offer. To me it seems like HAFB will give me an official offer before ICON and so I'll end up working in Ogden.

One of the important things is how good the mountain biking is. I interviewed for Micron back in March and I think that Micron would be an excellent place to work but I wasn't really satisfied with their mountain biking options. ICON is located in Logan and so I am satisfied with their mountain biking options. Now it seems that I'll most likely end up in Ogden and their options are good but not as good as Logan's.

The first who give me an official offer is the one that I will accept. It would be nice if ICON made an offer first because I would be closer to Kristie.


November 24th, 2010

Well I finished my first semester as a graduate student at USU in Electrical Engineering. I didn't do as good as I would have like to have done but better than I have done on average in the program. On average I've usually gotten slightly above a 3.00 GPA in the program even though I finished my BS degree with a 3.19 GPA over all. So for my first semester I got a 3.55 GPA and that didn't even budge my overall institute GPA. After one semester I still have a 3.19 GPA for the institute.

One complaint I do have about my professors doing the grades is that I had one professor take forever to submit the grade. I had to wait until Christmas Eve to get the grade. In addition to taking longer to submit the grade I also don't know what I got on the final exam or the research paper that I had to write.


January 17th, 2010

I am studying Electrical Engineering at Utah State University and have been asked why I didn't go to BYU for school many times. People have said that I am smart but I have evidence that states how smart I really am which is what has generated the question of why I didn't go to BYU. So I am going to try it out and am willing to go out on a limb. I am going to apply to BYU so that I have a good reason why I never went to BYU. The reasons why I won't go to BYU are:

  1. Low grades
  2. low GRE score
  3. From Utah
  4. Not smart enough

Now BYU is a great school but so is USU and so is the University of Utah. I had a friend that got his MS in Electrical Engineering from BYU and he is now working and enjoying life having completed school.

GPA from USU is: 3.10
GPA from transfer credit from UVSC: 3.59
GPA cummulative: 3.34
Total transfer credits: 101
Total USU credits: 88
Total credits: 189
Expected total graduating credits: 202

I have so many credits that I could fail a class and I'd still have a 3.34 GPA. Basically my GPA isn't going to budge from what it is. I have failed a couple of classes in the past too which doesn't look good on a transcript.

I've been told that it makes my family happy that I am going to school and getting a decent degree which I can have a good career. Well I really wonder what is the worth of praise from the family? I value my education and I hope that I can get a good job after school. But my grades concern me for even getting a good job. My roommate said that I am in a high demand field and so I shouldn't have a problem getting a job but I have my doubts. I really won't know for sure where all of this schooling will take me for several years. For now I'd like to work on a MS in Electrical Engineering but I am doubting myself in being accepted to any school.

I do like my professors here at Utah State University. I have a desk with the grad students that I don't take nearly enough advantage of which I must thank Dr. Edmund Spencer for. My computer on campus is a Sunblade 1000 with an UltraSparc III microprocessor. I think that it is cool but I have a habit of doing all of my studying and homework on my own. My grades are entirely my own effort because of that. If I did need help I went to the professor and didn't do a homework or study group.

Another Semester!

January 11th, 2010

Well I'm off to another semester and the last one before I graduate with my bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering.

The classes that I am taking are:
Communications 1
Digital Radio
Analog VLSI
Engineering Communications
Western Swing

I decided that i needed two add a mix into my regiment of engineering classes. I'm more than just an Engineer but I am also a human. I might not write as much as I'd like to for this site but will try to continue to post here. I have a couple more videos that I'd like to post here.