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June 9th, 2009

So it has been a little while since I did any public update but don't worry because I have been working on the webpage. The webpage is still far from being complete as I still need to work out the ajax and also the truly blog status of this sight. The links on the right are dead right now but I'll be fixing that. The fixing could take me a little while to do as I am very detail oriented and I don't want to do something half way and only understand it half way. The right took me longer to work out than I thought because I spent the time to learn regular expressions and not just somewhat learn them but to have a good throrough understanding. So being detail oriented is slowing the project down a little bit. I suppose I could have just ripped everything off of someone else's website but that doesn't show class or skill.

Database, hacking, and life

May 18th, 2009

This is the start of the new web page that I am working on. It will be a few days before this is fully functional and I do intend on making this a really well designed site. It will definitely be geared towards me, but that is why I am doing this. Blogs are the what a lot of people have and this will be my incarnation of a blog for me, but with extra content for other stuff such as that email link to the side, and the news feeds that will be showing up on this site. I hope you are currently enjoying this site if you are looking at it. Many features will be added such as adding the comments to entries that I put up here, and technical support of computer issues. More on the support will be posted at a later date.